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  • Laurel Hatfield

Winner - Best Actress (Fish Out Of Water)

Last night, I found out I won Best Actress in a Short Film at the Treasure Coast International Film Festival for my performance as Ada in Fish Out Of Water. I am so honored to have been recognized at the event where legendary casting director Ellen Jacoby was receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. (I couldn’t attend because I was performing with Joey Fatone, Wanya Morris, and Dee Snider that night...boy am I sure thankful for what I get to do. Life is beautiful.) I am truly honored and grateful for every opportunity to act on screen. This is just the beginning! Thanks to amazing writer and director Brandon Reardin at Movie Night, the incredible DP James Ruby, and the rest of the cast and crew. Also a big shoutout to casting director Lori Wyman for leading me to this project.


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